Senior Internal Corrosion Technologist

Senior Internal Corrosion Technologist Certification

Senior Internal Corrosion Technologist

The Senior Internal Corrosion Technologist should have a thorough understanding of electrochemical and corrosion principals, field testing, laboratory analysis, monitoring techniques, and mitigation strategies. This person should also be capable of comprehensive environment assessments required to develop and manage internal corrosion control programs, have sufficient knowledge and experience to determine corrective action for high-level internal corrosion problems within a pipeline system, be able to implement internal corrosion integrity programs as directed, and be able to conduct and direct all phases of ICDA.​

The Senior Internal Corrosion Technologist should also possess the skills and knowledge required for the Internal Corrosion Technologist.

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Who should apply

Candidates will have a firm grasp of internal corrosion and assessment methods, including both direct and indirect methods. Successful candidates will also have knowledge of locating internal corrosion damage, system evaluation, and monitoring strategy and techniques.

The successful candidates will also understand internal corrosion mitigation methods, including selecting the appropriate methods, implementing these methods, and determining their effectiveness. Long-term integrity management and data integration is also important.

Steps to Certification

  1. Work experience and education requirements

    8 years of verifiable internal corrosion-related work experience in a pipeline environment
    AND active Internal Corrosion Technologist Certification


    Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Science or Engineering with 4 years of verifiable internal corrosion-related work experience in a pipeline environment

  2. Course requirements and suggestions

    Successful completion of the following course: NACE Internal Corrosion for Pipelines - Advanced Course

  3. Certification and application requirements

    Approved Senior Internal Corrosion Technologist Application

  4. Core exam requirements

    Certification Exam – Senior Internal Corrosion Technologist Theory Exam

    Note: This exam is available on Computer Based Testing (CBT) at Pearson Virtual University Experience (VUE)

Apply for Certification

Certification Exams

NII certification requirements include an exam delivered as part of the course

Renewal requirements

An approved recertification application is required every 3 years. The work experience requirement for renewals for all certifications is one and half (1.5) years for the most recent three (3) year period. Additionally, some certifications have other requirements related to responsibility in charge. 

As you prepare for renewal, you can use the Work Experience/Professional Development Log to keep track of your work experience and Professional Development Hours (PDH’s). Work experience and PDH’s will be submitted in your renewal application. See the certification renewal guide for PDH's requirements.

Certification holders are required to pay a non-refundable processing fee for renewal.
NOTE: NACE reserves the right to return any incomplete applications or those that do not meet the requirements. All application fees are non-refundable. To avoid processing delays or forfeiture of fees, please ensure that the application is complete, meets all the requirements and payment has been received.