Corrosion Foundations Mico-Credential

Corrosion Foundations

Corrosion Foundations Mico-Credential

The Corrosion Foundations micro-credential is geared toward candidates who recognize corrosion and understand its devastating potential. Candidates should also understand the importance of monitoring and/or corrosion control, especially as it relates to his or her area of responsibility. This includes technicians, salespersons, inspectors, managers, engineers, and others.

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Steps to certification

Primary certification path

  1. Work experience and education requirements

    No work experience requirement

    Successful completion of NACE Basic Corrosion course

    - OR -

    Successful completion of NACE Basic Corrosion eCourse

  2. Core exam requirements

    Certification Exam – NACE Corrosion Foundations Exam

  3. Application requirements

    Complete the Professional Code of Conduct (in My Certification Portal)

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