General Corrosion

General Corrosion Certification

General Corrosion Certifications, Qualifications, and Credentials

In addition to managing the world-renowned Cathodic Protection (CP) and Coating Inspection Program (CIP) certifications, the NACE  Institute answers industry’s call for a variety of generalist certifications. These NACE Institute certifications demonstrate varying levels of aptitude in corrosion control techniques and processes.

Refining Corrosion Technologist

Designed for individuals who are responsible for identifying, locating, and controlling corrosion in refinery environments including low and high temperature applications.

Certification Requirements

Corrosion Technician

Covers the theory of corrosion and prevention in areas such as cathodic protection, coatings, material selection and design, internal corrosion, and chemical treatment.

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Corrosion Technologist

Encompasses an advanced comprehension, knowledge, and experience of the theory of corrosion and corrosion prevention. Areas of understanding include cathodic protection, coatings, material selection and design, internal corrosion and chemical treatment.

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Offshore Corrosion Assessment Technician (O-CAT) Technician

Addresses the elements of in-service inspection and maintenance planning for fixed offshore structures.

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Senior Corrosion Technologist

One of the highest distinctions awarded by NII, it acknowledges the highest level of academic and practical knowledge in all facets of corrosion and its control. It combines technical training with technical experience at a high level.

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IMPACT PLUS Qualified Navigator

This qualification is designed for experienced corrosion management professionals wishing to further their skills related to asset protection through corrosion management for their respective company and/or customer.

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Corrosion Foundations Micro-Credential

The Corrosion Foundations micro-credential is geared toward candidates who recognize corrosion and understand its devastating potential.

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