General Coatings

General Coatings Certification

General Coating Program

In addition to managing the world-renowned Coatings Inspector Program (CIP) certifications, NACE Institute answers industry’s call for generalist endorsements related specific applications. These NACE Institute certifications and the coating applicator qualification allow for demonstration of proficiency in various areas of coating.


Certified Coating Applicator

Designed for experienced industrial coatings applicators, those achieving this certification will have an industry-recognized certification that validates skills and knowledge in safety procedures and a working knowledge of surface preparation and industrial coatings application.

Certification Requirements

Coatings Foundations for Amusement Parks Micro-Credential

The Coatings Foundations for Amusement Parks micro-credential is geared toward candidates who understand the need for corrosion control as it relates to amusement park assets.

Certification Requirements

Protective Coating Technician

Awarded to those with one to three years of related protective coating work experience who have also completed a basic principles of corrosion course or equivalent experience and the basic corrosion course.

Certification Requirements

Shipboard Corrosion Assessment Technician (S-CAT) Technician

Encompasses a knowledge of coatings, corrosion, and corrosion control for assessing the condition of tanks and other military ship structures to help maintain full operational status.

Certification Requirements


Coating Applicator Examiner Qualification

Seasoned coatings professionals with experience in the application and inspection of industrial coatings can apply this knowledge as an examiner, ensuring coating applicator certification candidates possess the required skills to be successful in the field.

Certification Requirements