BoD Nominations

Board of Directors

Now accepting nominations for the NACE International Institute Board of Directors

The NACE International Institute (NII) is accepting nominations for the following positions:

  • NII President
  • NII Vice President

The term of each position is one (1) year, renewable one or two times, for maximum possible service of three (3) years.

Nomination Form

Key areas of focus

Leadership of the NII Board of Directors is critical to ensuring the focus of the Institute on these key areas:

  • NACE Institute certification programs that are valued by more than 40,000 existing cardholders, with an additional 10,000+ sitting for certifications annually.
  • The CORROSION PAC (Political Action Committee), governed by its own Board.
  • IMPACT PLUS, the new benchmarking and improvement program used by consultants and asset owners to establish and maximize owners’ corrosion management systems;
  • The NII Business Services LLC, a separate entity which is responsible for NIICAP, the accreditation program for industrial coatings contractors; and
  • The Master Painters Institute LLC, a separate entity which provides testing validation and training programs to manufacturers, specifiers and owners in the architectural/commercial coatings market.

Board of Directors criteria

All candidates for President and Vice President of the Institute must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a member of the NII in good standing.
  2. Be a member-in-good-standing of NACE International for at least ten (10) consecutive years.
  3. Have employer financial and time support for the required terms (this must be known and documented at the time the nomination form is submitted).
  4. Have organizational knowledge of the Institute, be aware of missions, goals, programs, and history of the Institute. Officers are required to be familiar with the Articles, Bylaws, and Operating Manuals. It is desirable for candidates of Officers to have served on Institute Board-level committees.
  5. Commitment to the office; ability, willingness, and support for travel time and expense for the purpose of attending meetings; to meet with members in an interactive mode and to share the Institute’s knowledge and practices.
  6. Have demonstrated parliamentary skills; skilled at conduction meetings and focusing on relevant issues to arrive at consensus decisions; able to remain impartial to the debate.
  7. Have ability to work with others as a team to accomplish the goals of the Institute.
  8. Project a professional image as a public speaker who is able to communicate clearly and effectively.
  9. Have demonstrated leadership and management skills.
  10. Be willing to submit to a background check.

In addition to the above criteria, the candidate being considered for President and Vice President must meet the following:

A. Have served a full term on the Board, OR

B. Have served a full term on the Board of NACE International, OR

C. Served as chair of the Certification Commission, the CORROSION PAC Board, or the NIICAP Oversight Board.


In addition to the above criteria, the candidate being considered for Vice President must meet the following:

A. Must be prepared to be an ex-officio member of all subcommittees of the NII Board (Policy and Practices, Certification Commission, CORROSION PAC Board).

Eligible members who meet the criteria shown in items A, B, or C as of August 2019.

If you would like to nominate someone for one of the two (2) open positions on the NII Board of Directors, please complete the Nomination Form and return it to the NII Executive Assistant at no later than November 13, 2019 . Incomplete applications cannot be considered, and nominations received after November 13, 2019, cannot be considered.

Nominated candidates will be contacted and asked to confirm their agreement with their nominations, and confirm corporate support for service. Nomination forms are not confidential, and will be forwarded to the NII Nominations Committee, and possibly to the NII Board of Directors.