History and Purpose

The NACE International Institute was formed in 2012 to establish an organization focused on certification activities and further advancing the corrosion profession. The Institute supports growth and quality of certification for the corrosion control field, improve the business conditions of the industry, and advance knowledge through certification programs that promote public safety, protect the environment, and reduce the economic impact of corrosion.

The certification program functions under the management of its own volunteer Board and Board committee within the NACE Institute.

The NACE International Institute administers 23 certifications plus the CIP (Coating Inspector Program) endorsements. These programs also include Cathodic Protection and several other specialties. There are more than 36,000 NACE certification holders worldwide today.



Do I need to do anything to join the NACE International Institute in addition to NACE International, The Worldwide Corrosion Authority?
You do not. All members of NACE International will automatically become members of both NACE International and the Institute. If you do not wish to have dual membership in NACE International and the NACE International Institute please visit http://www.nace.org/optout or contact a member of the NACE First Service team at firstservice@nace.org or +1 281-228-6200.

Will dual membership mean my dues will increase?
No, your dues will not increase. USD $1 of the amount you pay for your NACE International membership dues will be your dues to the Institute. This $1 dues payment to the Institute does not affect your total NACE membership dues, you are simply making a combined payment.

What will the USD $1 appropriated from my dues be used for?
Funds appropriated to the Institute will support operations and certification program development, subject matter expertise, management of the appeals and disciplinary processes, cultivating employers' awareness of and access to NACE-certified personnel, and other certification-related activities. 

Why was the NACE International Institute formed?
To maintain NACE compliance with U.S. tax laws for nonprofit organizations that have certification programs lead NACE's certification programs toward compliance with the ISO standard for certification bodies (ISO17024).


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