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Are you looking for a CIP 3 for your next project? Do you need to validate your employees certification? Using our Certificate Registry, you can find and/or validate certified corrosion professionals for all of your industry needs.

Must use at least two of the following search criteria to get the most accurate results.

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  • Name (Note: for last names with an accent or apostrophe, search by first name only)
  • Location (Note: for best results leave out U.S. postal codes when searching)
  • Certification Program
  • Specific Certification
  • Search results reflect candidates who are considered current/active NII Certification holders.
  • The expiration date listed reflects the candidate's current status expiration date. Please note: Certifications not renewed by the expiration date listed may incur additional reinstatement fees.
  • To verify previously held NII Certifications not listed in the registry, contact for assistance.
  • If the certified individual has opted to publicize their contact information, it can be accessed by clicking on the candidates name in the search results.

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