PCIM Technician


The Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management (PCIM) Technician Certification focuses on interpreting integrity related data, performing an overall integrity assessment on a pipeline system, calculating and quantifying risk, and making recommendations to company management on risk management issues.

Requirements for PCIM Technician Certification

Option 1
  • Successful Completion of Course and Exam
  • NACE Pipeline Corrosion Assessment Field Techniques (P-CAFT)
  • 2 years Pipeline work experience
Application Requirement
Approved PCIM Technician Application

To begin the certification process:

Submit Application

Certification candidates must apply for this certification by submitting an on-line application which is subject to approval.

Apply for Certification

Upon successful completion of requirements, the candidate will be awarded a PCIM Technician Certification.

Please contact certificationnew@nace.org for more details

Certification renewal requirements

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