Coating Applicator Examiner Qualification

Coating Applicator Certification

NII is looking for experienced applicators who are interested in becoming a Coating Applicator Examiner.

Benefits of becoming a CCA examiner include:

  • Financial compensation, supplementing your current income
  • Travel opportunities

As an examiner you have the opportunity to apply your experience to ensure that candidates who become certified possess the requisite skills to perform coating work that protects assets from corrosion and helps to ensure a successful career for the certification holder.

Application Procedure:

An application, subject to approval, must be submitted prior to taking the training. Application fee is $50.00 USD and is non-refundable. Once an application has been approved, examiner training is scheduled. Due to accreditation requirements CCA examiners may not be NACE Instructors.


One of the following Active Certifications

  • NACE CIP Level 1 Certification
  • SSPC PCI Level 1 Inspector
Work Experience
5 years of work experience as a coating applicator
Certification Requirement
Must hold an active Certified Coating Applicator certification.
Training Requirement

Successful completion of the Examiner Training

Cost is $1,950

An Examiner Guide is available as a resource. Click here to review the Examiner Guide.

To begin the qualification process:

Complete the Examiner application and sign all required agreements.

Apply Now

Qualification renewal requirements

  • Must hold an active Certified Coating Applicator certification
  • Must hold an active NACE CIP Level 1 or SSPC PCI Level 1 Inspector
  • Completed and approved renewal application:
    • At least four (4) proctored exams per year
    • Renewal Application Fee

Please contact for more details

*The qualification period is three years and is required to be renewed at the end of the three-year period. A grace period of 90 days is given at the end of the three years; therefore, renewals are not permitted following the 90-day day grace period, and the Examiner will be required to participate in training and meet the initial requirements again.

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