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Certification Programs

Certification Programs

The NACE Institute was formed to manage its world-renowned certification activities. While striving to elevate the profile of the industry and building the global job market for corrosion control professionals, NACE Institute focuses on:

  • Meeting industry needs for workforce certification programs
  • Pursuing global consistency of certification requirements
  • Raising industry and public awareness of the purpose and benefits of certification programs
  • Supporting employment of certified professionals

The NACE Institute administers 23 certifications on a variety of disciplines including the industry-leading CIP (Coatings Inspector Program) endorsement.

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Why choose the NACE Institute for your certifications?

Candidates earn their certifications

Unlike other certifying organizations, NACE Institute Certifications are not solely awarded based on course completion. All candidates must display a level of skill and competency that only comes with validation, years of experience, and continuous study in their selected corrosion field.

Stand out from others in the industry

Working toward and earning a NACE Institute Certification sets you apart from your peers in the corrosion industry by demonstrating your achievement of the certification in the program with the best reputation in the marketplace.

Developed by industry for industry

NACE Institute Certifications are developed by industry field experts, not by association staff, which gives more credibility to the content and knowledge being tested.

Stay up to date on the latest advancements in the field

NACE Institute Certifications demonstrate to your current and future employers that you are dedicated to staying current in your field of expertise in corrosion prevention and mitigation.

Certifications are globally recognized

Worldwide businesses rely on the NACE Institute Certifications as a metric for increased standardization of personnel performance. Organizations know that they can rely on the NACE Institute to provide a globally applicable, standardized, and skills-focused program.

Secure testing of individuals

As one of the steps to certification, candidates must take exams at secure locations, adhering to certification testing compliance standards.

Trust that as a NACE Institute certification holder, you’re in an elite group of corrosion professionals and that the value of your certification will continue to grow as we take the needed steps to protect the corrosion industry and those who choose to work in it.

Australia and South Africa Testing – March 24 Update

Due to government guidance and/or the lack of essential services, we are temporarily suspending test delivery at the below Pearson Professional Centers:

Australia – Melbourne and Box Hill – We will continue to deliver exams through any third-party test centers that are able to operate within these regions.

South Africa – Johannesburg – Suspension of exam delivery also includes all Pearson VUE Testing Centers and PVTC Selects across South Africa.

India Testing Update – March 22 Update

Due to government guidance and/or the inability to operate safely due to lack of essential resources or services, test delivery at India Pearson Professional Centers (PPCs) has been suspended temporarily. Some third-party testing centers may still be open.

U.K. Testing and Sau Paulo Closures – March 19 Update

All Pearson Professional Centers in the UK will close temporarily starting Friday, March 20 and will reopen once it has been determined safe to do so. Candidate cancellations will commence on March 20. We will continue to deliver exams to any third-party test centers still operational in the UK.

The Pearson Professional Center (PPC) in Sau Paulo, Brazil has been closed as well.

Candidates whose exams are canceled as a result of the above actions will receive a refund (if paid to Pearson VUE) or an extension as determined by exam sponsor.

Additional Testing Closures – March 18 Update

Pearson VUE-owned testing centers in the Philippines, Israel, Germany, and Malaysia, are temporarily closed due to government guidance and based on the ability to provide a safe environment for candidates and employees. Third-party operated test centers in the Philippines, Germany, and Malaysia have also been closed.

The NACE Institute Testing center at the Elcometer Training facility will be closed starting Friday, March 20th until it is deemed safe to reopen.

North America Testing – March 17 Update

Related to recent announcements by President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau, Pearson has decided to temporarily close all U.S. and Canada-based Pearson Professional Centers (PPCs) starting March 16, 2020. Centers will be closed for at least 30 days until April 16, or whenever conditions are deemed safe to re-open. Candidate cancellation notifications began the afternoon of March 16 (CDT), that provide instructions for scheduling new appointments on or after April 16, 2020.

We recognize that the threat of the virus may not be contained by the date we intend to reopen our U.S. and Canada-based testing centers (April 16, 2020). We will continue to monitor government guidance and notifications from public health officials to be sure we can safely serve our employees and candidates as soon as local conditions allow.

Worldwide testing – March 15 Update


Pearson VUE will begin implementing additional distancing measures within all of its global test centers based on recommendations from global health organizations starting the week of March 16. This essentially takes Pearson VUE test centers down to approximately 50% capacity. Candidates whose exams are canceled as a result will receive a refund (if paid to Pearson VUE) or an extension as determined by exam sponsor.

United States:

Six US states (California, Washington, New York, Hawaii, Minnesota, and New Jersey) have announced mandatory six feet social distancing requirements. Adjustments within testing centers will be made starting the week of March 16.


Test delivery is currently suspended throughout France at all test centers. Exam delivery services will resume when the government determines it is safe. Candidates will receive email cancellations, and they can attempt to reschedule exams at a later date.

Frankfurt, Germany:

Testing has been suspended in the Pearson VUE test center in Frankfurt, Germany, due to the surrounding environment's lack of essential services and resources.

Tel Aviv, Israel:

The government has announced mandatory two-meter distancing requirements and a limit of 10 occupants in a room at any given time. To accommodate this the testing center is currently operating at approximately 50% capacity.

Manila, Philippines:

The government has mandated an evening curfew starting at 8:00 p.m. In order to allow our Test Administrators (TAs) and candidates to comply, testing will cease at 6:00 p.m. to allow for proper center closing procedures and transit.

For a full listing of Pearson VUE testing center closures and updates, visit the Pearson VUE COVID-19 page.