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New improvements are coming!

My Certification Portal is getting an upgrade! Changes are happening to the My Certification Portal that will make the experience of exam scheduling, certification application, and the renewal process much better. With the new upgrade, certification and renewal applicants will gain many benefits over the existing portal including:

  • Access to real-time updates on new applications and renewal status
  • Interactive certification and renewal experience
  • Ability to add work experience and PDH anytime
  • Reduced waiting time for credentials once attained
  • Choice of which certifications you want to renew
  • Easier scheduling of exams
As part of this process, there will be times when certification and renewal applications can't be accepted. Please see below:

Certification Applications – Applications cannot be submitted from August 12 to August 17 of 2020. In process applications not submitted by 11 p.m. CDT on August 11 will need to be re-submitted due to the change.

Certification Exams – Exams can still be taken during the period of August 12 to August 17 if scheduled prior to these dates, but exams cannot be scheduled or changed during this period. This restriction is necessary as part of the launch.

Certification Renewals – Renewal applications cannot be submitted from August 5 to August 17, 2020. Any renewal applications started and not completed by August 5, will need to be re-submitted starting August 17.

Additional information will be posted here related to this upgrade in the coming weeks, please check back for additional details.

New improved portal

Certification Wallet Cards and Certificates

With our digital badging initiative, the traditional physical wallet cards and certificates have been replaced with digital credentials. These digital credentials allow for faster receipt, ease of sharing, reduced waiting time, and integration with a digital wallet. Please visit our digital credentialing information page for additional information. In the near future, physical wallet cards will be made available for a small fee.

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My Certification Portal

My Certification Portal is your one-stop location for all of your certification needs.

In the portal, you can:

  • Schedule your exams
  • Retrieve your exam results
  • Track and manage your certifications

And much more!

My Certification Portal