About the NACE Institute

In 2012, NACE International established an independent organization to manage its world-renowned certification activities. The NACE Institute focuses on meeting industry needs for workforce certification programs, pursuing global consistency of certification requirements, raising industry and public awareness of the purpose and benefits of certification programs (see Advocacy), and supporting employment of certified corrosion control professionals.

The NACE Institute administers 23 certifications on such disciplines as cathodic protection, general corrosion, general coatings, pipeline, specialty certifications and the industry-leading CIP (Coatings Inspector Program) endorsement. Functioning under the management of its own volunteer Board and Board committee within the NACE Institute, it is moving its certification programs toward compliance with ISO standards (ISO17024).

There are more than 36,000 NACE certification holders today worldwide.

More than just certification

Recently, the Institute has expanded its focus with the addition of programs, products, and services that advance the performance of the corrosion control and coatings industries and help individuals as well as businesses promote public safety, protect the environment, and reduce the economic impact of corrosion. These include:

  • NIICAP – The NACE Institute launched its Contractor Accreditation Program (NIICAP), an industry-driven and industry-managed accreditation program whose purpose is to lift the quality and reputation of contractors and the entire industry through the execution of audits based on ISO standards.
  • IMPACT PLUS - The world’s first platform for companies and asset owners who seek to benchmark practices and improve corrosion management.
  • MPI - The NACE Institute acquisition of the Master Painters Institute, a leading paint performance certification organization in North America, benefits the quality of the commercial coatings profession while merging the coatings expertise of professionals on both the commercial and industrial side.

Mission Statement: The NACE Institute will improve public safety and environmental protection by advocating corrosion awareness and action, and provide unparalleled qualification programs that drive corrosion industry performance.

NACE International Institute Headquarters

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15835 Park Ten Place
Houston, Texas 77084, USA

Phone: +1-281-228-6200
Toll Free: +1-800-797-NACE (6223)
Fax: +1-281-228-6300

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NACE Institute Annual Oliver Moghissi Award

The NACE Institute's Oliver Moghissi Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated exemplary support of the corrosion control community through work that bridges the gap between corrosion maintenance/ operations activities and the use of business-oriented corrosion management systems in industry. Successful nominees will have (1) demonstrated longstanding contributions that increase asset life cycles by bridging the gap between technical management and business management, and (2) led industry(ies) to have an increased focus on business-centered corrosion management strategies by asset owner organizations.

Nominations are being accepted until August 31. See nomination form for additional details.

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Kevin Garrity

Kevin Garrity

President 2019-2020

Mears Group, Inc.

Plain City, OH

Michelle Lau

Michelle Lau

Vice President 2019-2020

Chair, Certification Commission 2017-2020


William Mueller

William Mueller

Treasurer 2015-2021

Allied Corrosion Ind., Inc.

Marietta, GA


Chris M. Fowler

Past President

West Midlands, United Kingdom


Helena Seelinger

NACE International Institute

Executive Director


Paul Vince

Paul Vince

Director 2018-2021


Jerry Holton

Jerry Holton

Chair, Policy and Practices Committee


Locke, NY

Elaine Bowman

Elaine Bowman

Chair, Political Action Committee


Richmond, TX

Pierre Crevolin

Pierre Crevolin

Chair, Corrosion Management Committee



Michael MeLampy

Michael MeLampy

Director 2018-2022

Carlisle, MA

Organizational Structure

NACE International InstituteBoard of DirectorsCertification CommissionOversight of certification development,examinations, administration, and policiesPolitical Action CommitteeAdvocates for government attention to corrosion control technologies and expertise in a way that benefits the public; complies with U.S. FEC rules for PACsPolicy and Practices CommitteeManages ethics-related allegations and determines disciplinary actions related to certification cardholders

NACE Institute Membership

NACE International and the NACE Institute grant dual membership to all members of NACE International (each person may elect to opt out). One U.S. dollar of the amount paid for NACE International membership dues will be applied to the NACE Institute and will be used to support operations and certification program development, subject matter expertise, management of the appeals and disciplinary processes, cultivating employers' awareness of and access to NACE Institute certified personnel, and other certification-related activities.

You may opt out of dual membership, by contacting Customer Support.