The NACE International Institute Now Home to World Renowned NACE Certification Program


The NACE International’s certification activities are now being administered and managed by the new NACE International Institute. NACE certification holders and those seeking certifications can now visit this website directly for all certification related needs such as renewals, applications, requirements, upcoming course information, and a directory of certified professionals worldwide.

All current members of NACE International now have dual membership in the Institute and NACE International. Any new members who join NACE International or the NACE International Institute will also receive dual membership. There is no extra cost for dual membership.

The NACE International Institute is focused on meeting industry needs for workforce certification programs, pursuing global consistency of certification requirements, raising industry and public awareness of the purpose and benefits of certification programs, and supporting employment of certified corrosion control professionals.

If you have any questions about certification please contact the First Service team at +1 281-228-6223.

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