Introducing The NACE International Institute


The NACE International Institute was formed in 2012 to establish an organization focused on certification activities and further advancing our profession. The Institute will support growth and quality of certification for the corrosion control field, improve the business conditions of the industry, and advance knowledge through certification programs that promote public safety, protect the environment and reduce the economic impact of corrosion. The Institute will also lead NACE's certification programs toward compliance with the ISO standard for certification bodies (ISO17024).


The new Institute creates a unique opportunity to build the profile of our industry and its workforce and also build the job market for corrosion control professionals. From the start, the NACE International Institute will focus on meeting industry needs for workforce certification programs, pursuing global consistency of certification requirements, raising industry and public awareness of the purpose and benefits of certification programs, and supporting employment of certified corrosion control professionals. Over time, the Institute will continue to draw more activities into its operations to serve stakeholders based on changing industry needs.

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