From Bridges to Buildings, New Opportunities in New Markets for Coating Inspectors


 Advancing the corrosion profession is the driving force behind all NACE International Institute activities. The Institute accredits and represents thousands of coating contractors worldwide, it provides qualified personnel to corrosion control companies, delivers world class company benchmarking tools for measuring and improving management of assets, including coatings related management; and now, through the acquisition of the Master Painters Institute (MPI) the Institute supports asset owners seeking third party testing of manufacturers’ products through its NIICAP program. 

An advantage of the partnership means expanded resources for members of both organizations and the strength of the Institute now brought to MPI’s world-renowned products and services, including MPI’s Approved Product Listing, product testing, training, and standards.

“MPI and the NACE International Institute share the same commitment to quality and professionalism,” said Helena Seelinger, Executive Director of the NACE International Institute, “we are dedicated to supporting industry owners in their search for asset protection by qualified coatings products, while also bringing the highest quality education and certification opportunities to our combined stakeholders. Demand for commercial coatings inspectors in Canada, the U.S., and abroad is increasing, and the Institute and MPI are working together to cultivate qualified inspectors to meet these needs.”

In April, an IHS Markit report stated that 40% of the coatings industry is comprised of industrial coatings while 45% is comprised of commercial coatings. With rapid growth expected in both sectors, the Institute and MPI are partnering to bring industrial coating inspectors an opportunity to acquire an additional certification that can advance their career while also enhancing the architectural coating inspection market. “The skills that are acquired by NACE Institute certified professionals in our program position them to easily adapt to the architectural coating inspection market,” said Seelinger.

For coating inspectors looking to add a new, profitable skill to their portfolio, an MPI certification is a natural fit. It extends the reach of a coating inspector’s marketability from bridges to buildings and other commercial coatings projects. “By taking their current skills and what they already know about coatings and inspections in the corrosion world, NACE Institute certified inspectors are increasing their service offerings by developing skills in the architectural coating industry,” says Davis Kyle, Executive Director of MPI.

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