New NII Certified Coating Applicator Certification

Certified Coating Applicator

The industrial painter certification that validates working knowledge of surface preparation, industrial coatings application and safety procedures—using professionally developed examinations.

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Show the industry that you have the skills and knowledge to compete in the coatings industry.

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CCA focuses on the true job role of a coatings applicator

By focusing on the practical skills required to perform the job role of an Industrial Coatings Applicator rather than on technical vocabulary to pass a test, this certification ensures that the CCA (Certified Coating Applicator) has demonstrated his/her abilities in the following key areas: Safety procedures, Working knowledge of surface preparation, and Coatings application.

The CCA program places particular emphasis on the practical testing process where a candidate is examined in a 1:1 session with a NII-certified examiner to ensure an in-depth, fair and unbiased evaluation.

There's an emphasis on Safety Knowledge

CCA tests candidates on proper safety practices for blasting, industry standards, and manufacturer requirements; ability to read and follow the instructions in the Safety Data Sheets that accompany paint, thinners, and other materials; handling of Personal Protective Equipment, and more.

One on One
One on One

Backed by the NACE Institute & industry

CCA is brought to you by the NACE Institute, long looked to by industry for certified corrosion professionals. Those holding the NACE Institute certification stand out; businesses rely on NII to only certify those who meet all industry requirements.

As part of our quality commitment to the industry, NACE International Institute (NII) certifications are only awarded after skills and competencies are tested according to the international standard for valid examination development and delivery. In following best practices for examination delivery, the CCA examination is weighted so that particular questions must be answered correctly regardless of overall performance. A valid examination must be more than a repeat of training material, and no other protective coatings certification body has an examination program that meets ISO's standard for examination development.

An affordable investment can lead to an increase in pay

With an investment of $800 in your future to become certified, you have the potential for improved pay Increases and long-term earning potential. Demonstrating your commitment to your job to employers and customers will make you more valuable and hirable in an ever growing, competitive job market.

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The skills you need to get the job!

Industry contractors who assisted in development of the CCA found it hard to believe that in other industry programs, it's possible for painter certification candidates to be certified by obtaining a particular score, and yet fail all examination questions related to safety!

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Coating Contractor and Employer Benefits

Benefits of using a NII Certified Coating Applicator:
  • Increase paint performance through effective application
  • Reduce the need for rework with proven professionals
  • Minimize liability by using qualified and certified professionals
Benefits of hiring a NII Certified Coating Applicator:
  • Streamline onboarding – Start with known skills and their assessment through a recognized certification from NII
  • Improved candidates – Certified Coating Applicator skills are aligned to real-world field job roles and not merely theory
  • Objective measurement - Provides a 3rd party, objective assessment and verification of working knowledge
Benefits for Coating Contractors:
  • Increased revenue through value added service, increased brand equity
  • Reduced workforce travel requirements and costs for certification
  • Validated workforce skills and the ability to use the certification as a tool (certified vs. non-certified)
  • Enhanced source for new talent
  • Improved exam delivery with a practical partner (3rd party exam provider)
Why choose a NII Certified Coating Applicator?

Coatings and linings are usually the primary protection and most widely used tool protecting your assets from corrosion. It is critically important to get the job done right the first time. Using a NACE International Institute Certified Coating Applicator will help make that happen.

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